Additional Information

Academic Advisement


The Academic Enrichment Center offers individual and group tutors for popular classes in addition to study skills workshops and other student support efforts to enhance the University experience. The College of Engineering requires that all undergraduates meet with their academic advisor at least once per semester (see advising guidelines).

Senior Design


BMEG 450 (Biomedical Engineering Design) is the Capstone Course in the undergraduate curriculum in Biomedical Engineering. It is a one-semester, six credit course where teams of senior-level students work with industry sponsors, clinical liaisons and faculty advisors to develop real-world engineering solutions.

University Honors Program


For students seeking more rigorous coursework, comprehensive advising, private music study, smaller classes and the experience of living among some of the top students on campus, the University Honors Program offers many options.

Medical and Dental Careers


For students interested in applying to medical school or dental school, or in gaining an MD/PhD after they graduate, information can be found at the site for Medical and Dental Careers. More information on pursuing careers in the health professions can be found at the Center for Premedical & Health Profession Studies. If you are interested in these careers, there are many relevant student organizations that you can join.