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Doctoral Dissertation Defense  –  Hisham M.F. Sherif M.D.

Doctoral Dissertation Defense – Hisham M.F. Sherif M.D.

Hisham M.F. Sherif M.D. BME PhD Candidate Hisham M.F. Sherif M.D. will be defending his dissertation on Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018  at 4:00 pm in  304 Pearson Lab (Studio C) TITLE: A Novel Hybrid Model for Clinical Decision-Making Corbin Strauss Model and Resilience...

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Best in Class

Best in Class

Sarah Rooney is this year’s winner of the Biomedical Engineering Teaching Award from the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE).

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Shining a Light on Gene Regulation

Shining a Light on Gene Regulation

Cancer treatments—from radiation to surgery to chemotherapy—are designed to remove or kill cancerous cells, but healthy cells often become collateral damage in the process. What if you could use lasers to pinpoint the treatment area and deliver medicine to cancer cells only?

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Doctoral Dissertation Defense  –  Rachel Riley

Doctoral Dissertation Defense – Rachel Riley

Rachel Riley Graduate Student Rachel Riley will be defending her dissertation on Monday, June 18th at 10:00 am in ISE Lab Room 322. TITLE: Nanoshell Platforms for Targeted Gene Regulation and Light-Triggered Cancer Therapy When:   10:00 am Monday, June 18, 2018...

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Open Faculty Positions

Biomedical Engineering Faculty, Applied Biomaterials (Tenured/Tenure-track)

Assistant Professor in Biomedical Engineering (Continuing Track)


BME Newsletter

BME Newsletter Fall 2017


Yellow_BannerTop Jobs rated biomedical engineering in the top 10% of jobs, recognizing it as a career with a bright future.

Biomedical engineering applies fundamental engineering principles to the study of biology, medicine and health.

Our undergraduate program provides a broad background in chemical, mechanical, materials science and electrical engineering, and it prepares students for careers in biomedical research with a quantitative engineering emphasis. It is also designed to provide students with sufficient coursework for advanced training at graduate, medical or physical therapy schools or in other allied health professions. Our graduate program builds upon the established biomedical research strength at the University and trains future generations of researchers and professionals who will play a key role in multi- and interdisciplinary teams that bridge the gap between engineering and the biological sciences.


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