Doctoral Dissertation Defense – N’Dea Irvin-Choy

BME PhD Candidate N’Dea Irvin-Choy will be defending her dissertation:


Examining Nanoparticle Based Systems for Applications in Maternal/Fetal Health



In recent decades, researchers have extensively utilized nanoparticle-based drug carrier systems for various diseases such as cancer1–3 and COVID-194–6. However, only recently has the exploration of these systems been used for maternal/fetal health applications. The development of nanomedicines capable of targeting therapies to specific reproductive organs while minimizing off-target delivery and toxicity would have a transformative impact on managing conditions affecting pregnant women and their unborn children. This thesis provides insight into the potential of nanomedicine for maternal/fetal health applications. It will achieve this by examining the distribution of nanoparticles in pregnant murine models following systemic or vaginal delivery and demonstrating how nanoparticle drug release profiles can be adjusted to regulate bacterial growth kinetics, using bacterial vaginosis (BV) as a model disease. The completion of these objectives contributes new knowledge and guides future developments in utilizing nanoparticles as tools for maternal/fetal health applications.