At the annual BMES conference in San Antonio, Texas in October 2014, UD’s BME program showed a strong presence.

Our BME-affiliated faculty served as session chairs for 4 sessions. Moreover, 13 faculty and 3 graduate students presented 9 talks and 5 posters during the three day meeting, with topics covering biomaterials, drug delivery, orthopedic and rehabilitation engineering, tissue engineering and respiratory engineering.


Coordinated Cellular Interplay in 3D Reorganization of Human Parotid Salivary Gland Cells
D. Wu1, S. Pradhan-Bhatt2, D. Harrington1, R. Witt3, and M. Farach-Carson1
(1Rice University, Houston, TX, 2University of Delaware, Newark, DE, 3Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA)

Improve the Efficiency of Articular Cartilage Indentation Test by Principal Component Analysis
X. Chen, B. Zimmerman, and X. Lu

The Effect of Delayed Mechanical Stimulation in an in vitro Microfracture Model
M. Park, M. Chatterjee, B. Zimmerman, L. Snyder-Mackler, and X. Lu

Promoting Ligamentogenic Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Controlled Microenvironments
M. Rehmann and A. Kloxin

Effects of Phonation-Relevant Vibration on Macrophage Phagocytosis
A. Zerdoum
, B. Bachman, and X. Jia


Controlled Release Through Physical Collagen Modification mediated by Collagen Mimetic Peptides
M. Urello, M. Sullivan, and K. Kiick

Multiscale Mechanical Testing of Intact and Notched Tendon to Quantify Shear Load Transfer Between Collagen Fibrils
S. Szczesny
and D. Elliott

Relating Tribological Function of Cartilage to Properties and Structure
D. Burris
and A. Moore

Strain Transfer from Tissue to Cells in Meniscus is Dependent on Maturity and Microstructure
W. Han, S-J. Heo, T. Driscoll, L. Smith, R. Duncan, R. Mauck, and D. Elliott

Determine Proteoglycan Content of Articular Cartilage Using Indentation Test and a Nonlinear Inhomogeneous Triphasic Model
X. Chen, B. Zimmerman, L. Ruggiero, and X. Lu

Mechanical Control of Airway Branching Morphogenesis
V. Varner1, J. Gleghorn1, and C. Nelson1
(1Princeton University, Princeton, NJ)

Spherical Nucleic Acids as an RNAi-Based Therapy for Glioblastoma
E. Day
1,2, S. Jensen2, C. Ko2, L. Hurley2, A. Stegh2, and C. Mirkin2
(1University of Delaware, Newark, DE, 2Northwestern University, Evanston, IL)

Directing Cell Functions Using Bioorthogonally Clicked Multiblock Hybrid Copolymers
S. Liu, H. Zhang, J. Fox, and X. Jia

Targeted Polymeric Nanoparticles for Leukemia Cell-Specific Delivery of Pediatric Chemotherapy
V. Krishnan1,2, X. Xu3, R. W. Mason2, X. Jia1, and A. K. Rajasekaran1
(1University of Delaware, Newark, DE, 2Nemours Alfred I DuPont Hospital for Children, Wilmington, DE, 3Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA.