Why Biomedical Engineering?

Jill Higginson, BMEG 310 where students are performing "tests" on leg bones.Biomedical engineering applies fundamental engineering principles to the study of biology, medicine and health. Our undergraduate program provides a broad background in chemical, mechanical, materials science and electrical engineering, and it prepares students for careers in biomedical research with a quantitative engineering emphasis. It is also designed to provide students with sufficient coursework for advanced training at graduate, medical or physical therapy schools or in other allied health professions. Our graduate program builds upon the established biomedical research strength at the University and trains future generations of researchers and professionals who will play a key role in multi- and interdisciplinary teams that bridge the gap between engineering and the biological sciences.

Biomedical Engineering Admissions Video

UD BME shows strong presence at BMES meeting

BME booth at BMESAt the annual BMES conference in San Antonio, Texas in October 2014, UD’s BME program showed a strong presence. Our BME-affiliated faculty served as session chairs for 4 sessions. Moreover, 13 faculty and 3 graduate students presented 9 talks and 5 posters during the three day meeting, with topics covering biomaterials, drug delivery, orthopedic and rehabilitation engineering, tissue engineering and respiratory engineering.   Read more.

BME undergrads present at Spin In Showcase

OEIP - Spin In PresentationsAt DBI’s Spin in Showcase, BME undergrad Gabriel Szczepanek presented with her team their innovation mTrigger. This device plugs into an iPhone’s headphone port and then attaches to sensor pads on a patient’s skin. As the patient goes through various exercises, the app records various parameters, tracking the patient’s progress.    Read more.

Summer research opportunity

The Delaware Rehabilitation Institute (DRI) at the University of Delaware is seeking four highly qualified undergraduate students for 10-week paid internships in summer 2015 in the areas of biomechanics and movement sciences.  Read more