Sonia Bansal


102 A Spencer Laboratory
Newark, DE 19716


  • PhD in Bioengineering, 2020, University of Pennsylvania
  • BS in Biomedical Engineering, 2014, Columbia University


  • Orthopedic biomechanics
  • Injury Mechanobiology
  • Engineering Education


Dr. Bansal’s main interests lay in educating and mentoring undergraduate students in both the classroom and through laboratory experiences. When teaching, she utilizes active learning pedagogy to create dynamic and example-based learning environments.

Dr. Bansal’s research interests focus on how meniscus injury and treatment impacts the joint as a whole organ. To that end, she is interested in the mechanobiology of the meniscus, particularly with respect to inflammation and load maintenance after injury. She also works in the preclinical/translational space through the development of biomaterial analogs of orthopedic soft tissues.


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Bansal S, Floyd ER, Kowalski M, Aikman E, Elrod P, Burkey K, Chahla J, Maher SA, Robinson JL, LaPrade RF, Patel JM.  The Future of Meniscal Repair: Clinical, Biologic, and Material Insights.  Journal of Orthopedic Research (2021).

Bansal S, Peloquin JM, Keah NM, O’Reilly OC, Elliot DM, Mauck RL, Zgonis MH.  Structural and Functional Maturation of the Radial Tie Fiber Network in the Knee Meniscus.  Journal of Orthopedic Research  (2020).

Bansal S, Keah NM, Neuwirth AL, O’Reilly OC, Qu F, Seiber BN, Mandalapu S, Mauck RL, Zgonis MH.  Large Animal Models of Meniscus Repair and Regeneration: A Systematic Review of the State of the Field.  Tissue Engineering Part C  (2017).

Bansal S, Mandalapu S, Aeppli C, Qu F, Szczesny SE, Mauck RL, Zgonis MH.  Mechanical function near defects in an aligned nanofiber composite is preserved by inclusion of disorganized layers: Insight into meniscus structure and function.  Acta Biomaterials  (2017).